Announcement of FAST Teams' awardees to visit the facility at Siam Photon Source of Synchrotron Light Research Institute Thailand for a period of two (2) months to be completed before the end of Calendar Year 2018.

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Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) or SLRI operates the synchrotron light source in order to provide service to researchers from both the public and private sectors including foreign researchers.

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Figure 1 : Architectural model of Thailand’s future second Synchrotron Light Source

Synchrotron light source is the national infrastructure in science and technology for its contribution of research analysis from downstream, midstream, to upstream levels. Being an effective tool for advanced research, synchrotron promotes research targeting industrial applications for product development and innovation.

Thailand’s synchrotron radiation facility, the 2nd generation synchrotron light source, generates electron beam energy at 1.2 GeV covering spectral range from infrared to low-energy X-Rays. With such energy,...

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Fresh coffee is mainly consumed in ready-to-drink form at a coffee store and cannot be kept long. Preparing fresh coffee is time consuming and inconvenient, while the taste may be distorted.



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