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                    Nowadays, welding robots and autonomous systems are widely applied in production and industries. At Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) - SLRI, welding robots are operated for many purposes such as metal welding for mechanical works requiring high precision, creation and test of vacuum system for development of accelerator and experimental stations surrounding electron storage ring. Use of robots helps reducing welders’ workload from many repetitive tasks.  

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Final Research Highlight Structural data of SARS COVDr

 Figure 1 Three dimensional models of the SARS-CoV-2 virion and a schematic diagram of its four structural proteins. Figures were modified from    coronavirusexplained          


 A novel zoonotic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was originally explored in Wuhan, China in Decemb...


               In the 21st century, many principles, theories, and various bodies of knowledge have been formulated leading to advanced technological development for more human convenient living. One technology apparently taking as a part in human life is nanotechnology. The nanotechnology is a technology occurred from applying multidisciplinary knowledge from many fields such as physics, chemistry, engineering, or applied science to make and synthesize atomic and molecular materials, also nanoscale parts and structures. Nanotechnology is utilized to develop materials or tools with specific physical, chemical, and biological properties or functions in response to human’s need in term of more life safety and convenience.

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The functional food is currently popular in Thailand and other countries worldwide.  As     the country of biodiversity and agriculture, this food trend significantly benefits Thailand.  A research team comprising of researchers from National Science and Technolo...

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              Residents in some areas of Thailand need to rely on groundwater for consumption. However, some contaminants, especially for iron and manganese rusts, are usually found in the water. These contaminants are considered as dirt causing reddish-turbid water with bad odor. The rusts also cause rust stain on sanitary ware and rust sediment inside water pipes. Excessive intake of these contaminants is harmful to nervous system of living things.  



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