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Infrared microspectroscopy is widely used for chemical compound identification. Thanks to the high brightness of synchrotron radiation, synchrotron based Infrared microspectroscopy provides high spatial resolution, better signal to noise ratio and shorter data acquisition time than the conventional source.

BL 4.1 IR spectroscopy and Imaging is designed to extract the far- to mid- infrared light (spectral range between 4000-100 cm-1) from the 1.2 GeV Siam Photon Source. This beamline can be divided into 3 branches in order to provide 3 end-stations working simultaneously. 


Technical information

Photon Energy range

 0.0124-0.496 eV


 1-100 microns


Edge and Bending Magnet  Radiation 

Horizontal 87 mrad x Vertical 25 mrad


Combination of flat, cylindrical and spherical mirrors. Beam divided to feed up to 3 IR spectrometers

Flux @ 1st optical element

3.11 x 10E13 Photons/s/0.1% bw @ 10 µm for 100 mA stored current


Both linearly  (bending magnet emission) and radially polarized (edge radiation)

Beam size@sample

at diffraction limit (~5x5 µm2)
Flux on sample

1st Branch:  ~7.05E12 Photons/s/0.1% bw 

2nd Branch: ~ 7.00E12 Photons/s/0.1% bw 

3rd Branch:  ~5.95E12 Photons/s/0.1% bw 

before entrance to the interferometer

Mode of measurement

Reflection, Transmission, Transflection



 Spectrometer:  Vertex 70 spectrometer
 Microscope:  Hyperion 2000 microscope
 Detector  250 micron MCT

 15X Schwarzschild Objective

 36X Schwarzschild Objective

 ATR Objective

 Grazing Angle Incidence Objective



- Fluorescence accessory for Hyperion 2000, Mercury arc source, power supply, mechanical and optical adaptation of lamp housing. Filter set for fluorescence observation with excitation filter and beam splitter (excitation 420-490 nm,  observation 520-1100 nm, dichroic beam splitter 505 nm)

- Heatable Accessory Holder (up to 150 degree Celsius)



Opus 7.0®

Unscrambler X®

Cytospec 2.0®


BL4.1 IR Staff

Dr. Sirinart Srichan           sirinartalt   Beamline scientist, Project leader

Dr. Kanjana Thummanu     kanjanatalt Beamline scientist


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