Dr. Kanjana Thammanu, SLRI beamline scientist, and Dr. Amornrat Molee, lecturer of Institute of Agricultural Technology, Suranaree University of Technology, succeeded in the study on sorting the Korat broiler breed from the native chicken breed and from other general broiler breed by FTIR microspectroscopy.  The study results revealed that the Korat broiler breed contained low carbohydrate and fat, and its protein components were obviously different from the other two mentioned breeds.  The study results could be further used for marketing purpose, and for further study on chicken genetic improvement.  At present, the Korat broiler farming is increasingly popular among Korat farmers as broiler growth rate is so good, and broiler meat quality is competitive in market. The meat of Korat broiler is softer comparing to meat of other chickens. The Korat broiler farming is another choice for farmers and another choice for public consumption.


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