Ministry of Science and Technology concerns about water pollution that may affect public health. The SLRI researchers applied synchrotron radiation to study coconut fiber and found that it can filter heavy metal in wastewater. It is expected to be useful in specifying guideline of decrement of industrial pollution, wastewater treatment cost, and value- increment of coconut fiber.

          SLRI researchers and researchers from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi conducted a co-research on application of synchrotron radiation in studying nickel absorbing of coconut fiber by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy technique.  The study results revealed that structure of coconut fiber well absorbed nickel. Besides, absorbed nickel could be rinsed off for reuse without pollution and the used coconut fiber can naturally decompose.  The study result will be further developed for wastewater treatment from nickel-coating industry.  At present, cost for wastewater treatment using chemicals is rather high while coconut fiber is an agricultural-waste material. The study results will future support the price of coconut fiber to be higher.

          After the study results, SLRI visited sites to test applying coconut fiber for wastewater treatment of metal-coating factory in Samutprakarn Province and found that coconut fiber could well absorbed heavy metal and decreased cost of wastewater treatment.  SLRI also further conducted an additional study by adding some chemicals such as base solution into coconut fiber.  The study results showed higher efficient absorption of coconut fiber.  SLRI will transfer this found technology to interested industry for further development of absorber for wastewater treatment. For further information, please contact:

Ministry of Science and Technology at Tel: 1313 or

SLRI at 044-217-040, ext: 1251-2.

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