Practical information

Personnel safety system (PSS)

The BL1.1W experimental station is installed inside a radiation shielded hutch. Magnetic locks and trap keys were installed as part of the hutch PSS to block access when x-rays are presence inside the hutch. There are also EMERGENCY buttons inside and outside the hutch to shut the beamline main shutter in the case of emergency. The following procedures must be taken to access the experimental station during experiments.

If the magnetic lock is on, the hutch can be accessed following these steps.

  1. Ensure that the beam shutter is off.
  2. Press the OFF button to release the magnetic lock. The lock will not be released if the beam shutter is still on.
  3. Turn the key at the door panel to the OFF position.
  4. Transfer the key from the panel to the door and turn the key to unlock the door.

To close the hutch, the following search procedure must be performed to double check that no one stays inside the hutch when the door is closed.

  1. Check that there is nobody else inside the hutch. The person performing the search procedure must be the last person to leave the hutch.
  2. Press the SEARCH button located inside the experimental hutch.
  3. When the SEARCH button is pressed, the strobe light inside the hutch will be on and the alarm will sound for 15 seconds.
  4. In the 15 second window, close the door, turn the key to lock position, transfer the key from the door to the door panel, and turn the key to ON position.
  5. After the 15 second window, the alarm will stop. Press the ON button to turn the magnetic lock on.
** In the case that, the key is not turned to the ON position within 15 seconds after the SEARCH button is pressed, the search procedure must be repeated.

PSS panel
Fig. 1 The PSS panel located next to experimental hutch door.

Data collection using XAS scan

XAS scan is a LABVIEW based in-house developed application for XAS data collection at the BL1.1W.

XAS scan
Fig. 2 The screen shot of the XAS scan data collection program.

Data analysis

Some programs for data analysis are installed in the beamline computers. These are free programs which could also be downloaded from the developers’ website.
XAS: Demeter (

Data management

Measured data will be accessible from the computer dedicated to data analysis and users must have their own USB flash drive to save the data. The data will be available to save during the beamtime. After the beamtime, access to the data will be restricted only to beamline staffs and made available upon request.

The XAS data collected at BL1.1W is in ASCII format which could be directly used by XAS data analysis programs such as ATHENA in Demeter. Some measurements information such as energy step and energy range will be written in the file header. The data collected from XAS scan will be saved to the BL1.1W network storage.

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