Beamline Specification

Radiation source Multipole wiggler
Focusing optics Toroidal focusing mirror
Monochromator Double crystal monochromator (DCM) using Si(111)
Available photon energy range 4 ‐ 18 keV
Photon flux 107 ‐ 1010 ph/s @ electron current 100 mA
Energy resolution 10-4
Beam size @ sample position(H x V) 5 mm × 2.5 mm

Beamline Design

The BL1.1W optical elments were designed to accomodate both scattering and spectroscopy experimental station. The collimating mirror for vertical beam collimation together with the double crystal monochromator (DCM) were chosen to achieve the monochromatic beam with 10-4 energy resolution required by the spectroscopy technique. The focusing mirrors were included to reduce the beam size to mm scale and toward symmetric beam profile favored by scattering techniques. The schematic of the main optical elements of the beamline is shown in Fig. 1.

BL1.1W OEs
Fig. 1 Three main optical elements at BL1.1W; a collimating mirror, a monochromator and a focusing mirror. The collimating mirror is used to collimate the beam vertically prior to the monochromator and the toroidal mirrors is used to focus the beam vertically and horizontally to the sample position. Also shown in the figure are their respective distances from the source and the chosen grazing angles for the two mirrors.

Beamline optical element commissioning result

The layout of the beamline is shown shown in Fig.2. The measured partial flux at the sample position, energy resolution and beam profiles are shown below.

BL1.1W layout
Fig. 2 BL1.1W layout.
Partial flux
Fig. 3 Partial flux as a function of energy measured at the sample position.
Rocking curve Si(111)Fig. 4 Rocking curves of the Si(111) in the DCM measured with 5, 10 and 15 keV x-rays. The result gave the energy resolution in the order of 10-4.
Beam on phosphor screen
Fig. 5 Beam profile of 6 keV x-rays as seen on a phosphor screen placed at the sample position.

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