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            According to the Well Economy Thailand poll result done in 2019, healthy people needed to acquire five wellnesses in physical health, mental health, sexual health, consciousness, and work-life balance. Informants also regarded food choice as the most important factor, rather than exercise, for people to gain good physical health. Consequently, most of them still deeply believed that consuming “Healthy food” helped them stay healthy. 

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SLRI beamline scientist team including Dr. Somchai Tancharakorn, Dr. Waraporn Tanthanuch, Dr. Nichada Jearanaikoon and Dr. Worawikunya Kiatponglarp had a visit to Diamond Light Source in United Kingdom for research sample analysis on 5 – 28 February 2020.


This morning, 20 March 2020, Prof. Wng. Cmdr. Dr. Sarawut Sujitjorn, the CEO of Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) met with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasuharu Ogoe, to have a brief discussion on a  research work completed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ogoe at the SLRI, Thailand.

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          Makiang”, in Thai, (Syzygiumnervosum DC. var. Paniala(Roxb) or Cleistocalyxnervosum var. paniala) is a local perennial plant normally found in forests in the northern region of Thailand. Though Makiang is in Myrtaceae Family like Whakhao (Cleistocalyxnervosum var. Nervosum), it consists of only three small flowers per each inflorescence, less in number but larger in size when compared to flowers of Whakhao. Makiang fruits have sour and sweet taste. The fruits are usually consumed fresh or used as an ingredient in Tom Yum, Thai popular spicy soup. However, as Makiang is quickly rotten once ripen, people tend to process it to fruit juice, wine, jam, preserved fruits, etc.  



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Figure 1 Structure of alpha-mangostin extracted from the fruit pericarps of the mangosteen




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