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Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) jointly signed MOU in industrial collaborations with 4 private companies; Natural Bev Co., Ltd., Inter Agro. Tech.(Thailand) Company Limited, Wazzadu Transmedia Co.,Ltd., and Udon Natural and Floss Products Co., Ltd.

This collaboration intends to apply synchrotron and related technology into research of product development and improvement. Moreover, to create innovation in food, agriculture, and material in contribution to the rise of domestic industry and world economic competiveness. 

Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, the Minister of Science and Technology and chairperson of the MOU ceremony affirmed "Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) plays such important role with industrial research especially in value adding and product development. Our nation's strategy "Thailand 4.0" adopted the New Engines of Growth to transform consumption products into innovative products, as well as mobilising industry with technology, creative ideas, and innovation. Siam Photon Source at SLRI is a large facility with infrastructural impacts to national development in science and technology, including various applications to agriculture, environment, medicine, material science, and industries. The MOU ceremony between SLRI and 4 industrial companies reflects genuine potentials of synchrotron in creating innovation for local industries

Prof. Wng. Cmdr. Dr. Sarawut Sujitjorn, Director of SLRI clarified "SLRI has the missions in research and utilisation of synchroton radiation including to provide service in synchrotron and related technology for research applications. The MOU between the institute and 4 private companies will be one of the challenging missions. Initially, the companies have been consulted some research assignment with SLRI. For example, Inter Agro. Tech.(Thailand) Company Limited, a large manufacturer of chemical organic fertiliser, is interested in studying chemical compound of bat's dung (such as, chitosan) and speedy growth hormone for plants. To improve the formula of bat's dung fertiliser, the study of absorbtion and capability to control nutrient elements of chemical organic fertilizer comparing to chemical fertilizer is conduct with X-ray Imaging and X-ray Tomographic Microscopy technique at SLRI.

Another company, Natural Bev Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of instant vegetable and fruit juice, dried fruit, and concentrated fruit juice, wishing to develop their products from longan. The result of their initial research with SLRI found that longan extract has high biological effect which is capable of various applications. This research aims to increase the value of longan and produce more income for farmers.

Udon Natural and Floss Products Co., Ltd., a local SME brought the sample of dental floss to study chemical compound of the floss from natural silk in comparison with nylon. The initial result showed that natural silk has higher tensile durability, which lead to the improvement of coating as well as flavouring processing.

Lastly, the collaboration with Wazzadu Transmedia Co.,Ltd.,  a company with wide-range of network in several private research groups. SLRI and Wazzadu Transmedia plan co-create marketing strategy to expand synchrotron users from private companies in the future. Moreover, to apply synchrotron to advanced research in material science for product development and industrial usage."

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