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The Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand along with its supervised organizations have attended the 72nd ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST-72) meetings during May 22nd – 25th, 2017 hosted by Brunei Darussalam. 

Dr. Prapong Klysubun and Dr. Somchai Tancharakorn have represented Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) to join the meeting of Plenary Session/ASEC Briefing for 8 Sub-Committees and Sub-committee on Material Sciences and Technology- SCMST to report the performance and activities of the institute.

SLRI in collaboration with TINT (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology) have proposed the establishment of ASEAN user network in synchrotron and nuclear to Sub-Committee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and Resources Development (SCIRD). This project was endorsed during ASEAN NEXT 2017 meeting in March 2017 to establish the network for facility sharing and human resource development in synchrotron and nuclear research for ASEAN community. According to the final conclusion, the committee agreed to endorse this network namely “ASEAN Large Nuclear and Synchrotron Network (LNSN)”.  For next action, the representatives of each ASEAN countries.will gather to discuss further details and possible projects to begin with. The meeting tentatively plans to organise by the end of 2017 to finalise the progress report to update in the next ASEAN COST-73 meeting in Myanmar.

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In this occasion, on May 25th, Dr. Somchai Tancharakorn was invited to lecture on synchrotron techniques and applications to the Faculty of Science, University of Brunei, welcomed by Dr. Tan Ai Ling, Deputy Dean (Academic), and lecturers of the faculty.

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