Service Sector

1. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Industry : Analysis of the diffusion mechanism of the active ingredient or other cosmetic component through the skin. Research and development of new food products. Research and development of drug delivery.
2. Rubber and polymer Industry : Determine the molecular structure of products made from natural rubber and synthetic rubber for developing the desired properties such as toughness, and strengthen. Determine the crystal structure of a tire under varying degrees of the pressure or temperature in correlation to properties changes.
3. Electronics industry : Study of the thin film semiconductor that use for solar cells, transparent screen or hard disk drive component.

4. Micromachining Industry : Micro molded production in the micrometer level with high precision. Micro mechanical components can be used for electronic components, computer micro-chip or micromachining production.
5. Jewellery Industry : Analysis of the atoms structure of gem to gain more insights on colors changes.
6. Metal Industry : Chemical characterization of metal. Determination of defects or contaminant occurs during the manufacturing process. Research on coating process or preventing corrosion of metal.
7. Construction material Industry : Analysis of raw material and product of construction material e.g., cement, ceramic at the atomic level for product development.
8. Other industries : Petroleum, Electronic ceramics, Catalysts, etc.



Food Industry

1Frozen Shrimp

With the infrared microscope at the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization), the causes of white spots appearing on shells of frozen shrimps could be determined for Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited. It was found that the white spots were in fact calcifications separated from chitin structure of the shrimp shells which formed as a result of water loss in the shrimp shells. A prolonged frozen period results in higher loss of moisture. Such findings enabled improved management, preservation and sales distribution of frozen shrimps, thereby helped increase exports to over 1350 million baht per year.

Researcher : Khun Benyapa Tongtum, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited.



Betagro Public Company Limited is a company whose mainstream is in domestic food business and exports with a comprehensive agro-industry production. SLRI has joined up with Betagro to study their pork production under the trademark “S-Pure.” With the focus on the meat quality from different breeds in terms of physical and nutrient properties, the study assures consumersthat premium pork quality and taste is obtained.

Researcher : Khun Suwimol Pitakwong,Betagro Science Center Company Limited.

Electronics Industry


SLRI and CPF (Thailand) Public Company Limited have jointly developed a humidity and temperature sensor processing device which connects sensors across any brand platforms for internal monitoring ofpoultry farms. The device can also connect to the farm control system efficiently to reduce the problems and limitations from using multiple control systems. The device can reduce costs by upto 14.82 million baht.

Researcher : Khun Worawit Srimaroeng, CPF (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

Latex and Polymer Industry


Thai Polyethylene Company Limited, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals Company Limited has developed novel plastic grains using the small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) techniques from synchrotron light. This study centers on the mechanism of crystallization structure and phase transitions of polypropylene under diverse conditions such as strain, heat and presence of additives in order to improve plastic grain products to satisfy customers’ needs.

Researcher : Dr.Wanchalerm Rungsawang, SCG Chemicals Company Limited.


1Pineapple leaf fiber

Researchers studied the internal structure of natural latex and its composite added by pineapple leaf and carbon black using wide angle X-ray diffraction technique. The analysis led to the development of enhanced natural latex characteristics for Thai latex industry.

Researcher : Assoc.Prof.Dr.Taweechai Amornsakchai, Mahidol University.


Metallurgical and Materials Industry


Synchrotron light techniques such as PEEM and PES have removedwood grain problems in metal sheets and the XAS technique eliminated dark surface problems in hot rolled steel sheetsin coil and hot rolled coils pickled and oiled for Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL. The techniques can reduce production waste by over 40 million baht per year.

Researcher : Khun Supathara Insakda, Sahaviriya Steel Industries PCL.


SLRI and Eaton Industries (Thailand) Ltd. have collaborated in research and development of the production of new golf club grip models to supply high quality products to the market. Such collaboration has helped increasedcompany sales value by over 2.4 million baht per year.

Researcher : Khun Sutthikiat Thaiprasarnsup, Eaton Industries (Thailand) Ltd.


Gem Industry

1Golden Pearl

Researchers have used the x-ray absorption spectroscopy technique in SLRI’s 8thbeam lineto study elements in the color changing mechanism in pearls which led to the golden pearl innovation using synchrotron light. The photolithography technique allows sharp and delicate imprints to be elegantly created on the pearl at micrometer scale.

Research : Dr.Nirawat Thammajakr, Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization)


1Telescope Mirror Coating System

SLRI in conjunction with the National Astrological Research Institute of Thailand and Suranaree University of Technology have developed a mirror coating machine for a telescope mirror with a 2.4-meter-diameter. Developed by Thai researchers, the machine is the largest in the ASEAN region which can help save government budget by up to 36 million baht or around 72%.

Engineers/Researchers : Dr.Saroch Rujirawat, Khun Samroeng Duangnil, Dr.Supat Klinkeow, Khun Suphan Boonsuya, Khun Denchai Bamroongkoh, Khun Narupon Wongprachanugul, Khun Piyaway Prukthaisong

 1Braille Code Display

SLRI uses photolithography technique to fabricate parts for assembling a 20-cell-Braille code display prototype. On this occasion, SLRI has presented the prototype to HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and requested permission from HRH to produce 200 of such devices to be given to schools for visual handicaps nationwide.

Researcher : Dr. RungrueangPatanakul, Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization)






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